Other Staff Positions

Operations Director and Volunteer Coordinator

Our Operations Director oversees all paid and volunteer staff, the booking and coordination of interview guests, partner relations, and the daily management of our organization. 

Features Producer/Reporter/On-Air Host

Our Features Producer/Reporter will be in charge of determining, curating, and managing the investigation and reporting of “soft news/feature” stories in every topical category.  He or she will report to our Executive Producer, co-manage volunteer staff reporters with our Operations Director, and will also present on-air.

Videographer/Editor/Content Distributor

This creative and technical position will include the following duties:  Overseeing the video recording of each radio broadcast episode, the editing of individual reports into separate podcast segments, the posting of full episodes and podcast segments in audio and video formats to a variety of distribution platforms, and the producing of our weekly “Best of The Peak” compilation program.


Local webmaster to build and maintain our official website, including adding new features, assisting with posting content, SEO, and site security.