The Peak:  Production

The Peak is produced by The Peak News, LLC, an independent news organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Who:  Media professionals working with volunteer citizen journalists and interns, and interview guests from across every segment of our community, partnered with the entire staff of Salem Media Group – Colorado Springs, all committed to bring our audience a diverse daily view of the Pikes Peak region.


What: The Peak will be a lively mix of news, commentary, interviews, feature reports, and more, disseminated as a radio broadcast on AM 1460/FM 101.1 The Answer, a video livestream, and audio and video podcasts across a variety of distribution platforms.  Host Chaim Goldman brings continuity to the diversity, while a regular cast of characters  —  who will certainly become local personalities in their own right  —  share stories of every kind that both represent our local community in a fair and balanced way, and cast a vision for our better future.

Each day of the week will have a recurring theme, which will become popular in podcast form to different segments of our listening audience.   Our planned weekly themes are:  Monday: Business and Culture,  Tuesday: Government and Politics, Wednesday: Family and Religion, and Thursday: Media and Education.   Our “Best of The Peak” program, a compilation of some of the best segments of the week, will be aired on the weekends beginning in March 2024.

Although primarily a radio show, The Peak will also be video livestreamed and recorded for distribution over a gamut of video platforms, both in whole and in parts.  A major format for The Peak’s distribution will be via individual reports/segments, available on demand as video and audio podcasts.  These are sure to become favorites of our watchers/listeners, as they tune in specifically to check out reports on the topics that are most important to them.


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When and Where:  The Peak will be broadcast Monday – Thursday in early drivetime on Salem Media’s KZNT AM 1460/FM 101.1 The Answer.  We’re assuming the 3 – 4pm time slot that is currently the third-hour of America First with Sebastian Gorka, and preceding Officer Brendan Tatum’s popular three-hour broadcast.  The Answer is officially branded as a “Conservative Talk” radio station, and Salem’s national hosts are well-known for voicing bold, intelligent, and innovative opinions and covering topics the rest simply won’t touch.  We promise to do the same locally.

A new episode, including both live and prerecorded elements, will be aired Monday through Thursday.  In Phase 2, a “Best of” program will be compiled each week and broadcast on both Saturday and Sunday, also from 3 – 4pm.  AM 1460 has a daytime broadcast coverage area spanning from South Denver to Pueblo, across the Front Range, and into the Rockies, with the potential reach of 1.9 to 2 million residents, and well as to the 20+ million who visit the Pikes Pear region each year.  (please refer to the broadcast coverage map)


How:  The Peak’s news team staff will consist of the executive team of: Chaim Goldman (Executive Producer and Host), Rachel Stovall (News Producer/Reporter/On-Air Host), and our Operations Director, complimented by the following positions for which personnel are currently being determined: Features Producer, Videographer/Editor, and Webmaster.  In addition, a diverse crew of volunteer citizen journalists, co-hosts, interns, and interview guests will fill out the ranks.



In order to launch The Peak to air quickly as possible and then mature its capabilities over time, the episode format will be rolled out in three core phases:

Phase 1:  Commentary, guest interview (two segments), and feature reports

Phase 2:  Commentary, local news/headlines, guest interview (one segment), and feature reports by citizen journalists + weekend “best of” program

Phase 3:  Commentary, guest interview (one segment), serial investigative reports, and feature reports by citizen journalists + weekend “best of” program


The Peak will also be masterfully supported by the entire staff of the Colorado Springs office of Salem Media Group.  Salem has been in the radio business 50 years, is publicly traded, and owns and operates more than 100 radio stations across the U.S., including three in the Springs, and distributes their content to more than 3500 affiliates.  Salem knows how to professionally produce and distribute quality News-Talk content, and we’re honored to be partnering with them for The Peak.


Please Note:  The Peak News is not owned nor operated by Salem Media Group, Inc./Bison Media, Inc., nor is Salem Media responsible for any of the program’s content.

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