Real Journalism / Media Accountability

The Media is sometimes referred to as “The Fourth Estate”, because it is supposed to keep the three official branches of government in check, as well as hold accountable those in positions of power in every sphere.  We require a true free press as protected by our first Constitutional amendment to ensure that the populace receives unbiased information with which to make personal life decisions of every kind, and we need journalists to be the independent watchdogs over society so that we all remain accountable to our shared values and the common good. 

Unfortunately, and to our extreme detriment, influential political, economic, and activist entities have corrupted most news organizations, and any remaining conservative or even moderate voices are currently being demonized and cancelled.  Not only was Tucker Carlson inexplicably fired and his top-rated program taken off the air by Fox News in April 2023, they also sought to legally silence him.  George Orwell’s 1984 was written as a prophetic warning that the author hoped the free world would heed and prevent from being realized at any cost.  Tragically, in many ways it is now our dark global reality!

According to Tucker, a 30-year veteran of the news business, in a video statement released in May 2023:  “At the most basic level, the news you consume is a lie, a lie of the stealthiest and most insidious kind.  Facts have been withheld on purpose along with proportion and perspective.  You are being manipulated….What’s it like to work in a system like that?…The best you can hope for in the news business at this point is the freedom to tell the fullest truth that you can.  But there are always limits, and you know that if you bump up against those limits often enough, you will be fired for it.  That’s not a guess.  It’s guaranteed.  Every person who works in English-language media understands that.  The rule of what you can’t say defines everything.  It’s filthy, really, and it’s utterly corrupting.  You can’t have a free society if people aren’t allowed to say what they think is true.  Speech is the fundamental prerequisite for democracy.  That’s why it’s enshrined in the first of our Constitutional amendments.  Amazingly, as of tonight, there aren’t many platforms left that allow free speech.”

It’s become painfully obvious that we need integrity-based journalism to return everywhere in our country, and around the world.  So let’s start here, where we live.

The Pikes Peak region is both majority Christian and majority Conservative, and so its news outlets should reflect this fact, while at the same time fairly representing our entire community.  Most Americans of every persuasion are feeling disenfranchised by the local and national Media.  Because of this, The Peak will be serving a large segment of our citizenry who have been both abandoned and intentionally silenced by the very mechanism that is supposed to empower us with truth and defend our liberties.  Simply being “real journalism” will be our prime strategic advantage, and this will make The Peak extremely popular extremely fast.

Honestly, we wish that we didn’t have this strategic advantage, and would much prefer that the established Media was doing its job so that The Peak didn’t even need to exist!   It’s painfully sad to have to call our work “real journalism”, because ALL of the Media should uphold this same standard, as that is its primary societal responsibility.   But as Tucker states so plainly, “At the most basic level, the news you consume is a lie, a lie of the stealthiest and most insidious kind.”  and “Amazingly…there aren’t many platforms left that allow free speech.”

He concluded his statement with this vital and profound truth, “Free speech is the main right that you have.  Without it, you have no others.”

We at The Peak could not agree more.  Please join our efforts to regain and retain our freedoms, our region and state, and our very Republic, through local Media accountability.   For such a time as this!


Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.
George Washington

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