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The heart of our news organization are volunteer citizen journalists and interns, but a professional news organization can’t do it’s job without properly trained individuals.   

So that’s where The Peak Citizen Journalist and Internship Programs comes in….

Those applying to be a Citizen Journalist or Tech will be provided with training classes to get them up to speed in crucial aspects of professional journalism including:  research, writing for radio and print media, news analysis, broadcast law, reporting, and journalistic ethics, as well as a level of technical training on broadcast radio equipment.

Our Internship program for those currently pursuing a degree in any type of media allows for course credit from your institution, and will be custom designed to the individual for those accepted.

Your donation will help support both of these programs so that The Peak can provide the Pikes Peak region with real journalism and media accountability, while also activating our citizens to take part in the reporting.    We call this a “Win-Win”!

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